Changes on your small business are necessary?

small-business-lifestyle-designThrough the years, as a small business owner in a very demanded, growing and trendy field, Virtual Assistance, I find myself in need of ‘re-inventing’ myself, learning new and more advance skills, technology, trends.  All this creates an awarenes of what our potential clients are looking for an assistant, whether is virtual or at their onsite offices.

As Virtual Assistants our services are provided utilizing the most advanced and latest technology which creates a limitelss array of opportunities in ‘services’ to be provided.  Now we say, “…oh, I know how to do that..”; “…yes, I’ve done this a couple of times and with some practice, I can be an expert..”; “…I definitely like doing this task also…”.  Then we become “jack of all trades and master of none.”

At this point we find ourselves looking at a necessary definition of our services, our niche, our expertise.  We need to reasses our goals, strategies, objectives and allign our services accordingly.

Some questions to ask ourselves in order to assess our direction:

1.  What is it that I love the most of all the tasks and services I provide?  Do I have the expertise to handle this task, or should I take additional training? Would this be my niche?

2.  What is in demand from my clients/prospects that I would need (or like) to provide as a service that is not currently in my service portfolio?  Do I learn this new task/trade or do I subcontract the expert to add into my company’s portfolio?

3.  Do I stay  as an individual (solo) business provider or create a team to enhance my company’s service portfolio?  Which services to add to my current portfolio?

With some of these questions answered you may be able to define your future goals, plans, and strategies to  determine the restructuring of your small business, as a Virtual Assistant, or any other service provider.  In doing so, you can focus in the specifics of your ‘niche’ or ‘business portfolio’ without being troubled with so many new things in the market, things you may not know, and concentrate in being the best at what you decide to do.

Create associations with other experts in the fields/trade that you choose to  set as your business service portfolio, they can always provide support, ideas, and even help when you need additional assistance.  I’ve decided this is the best route for my small business, by creating alliances with experts in other fields and services that my clients request and we provide them as a team which enhances both of our businesses, creates happy and satisfied customers that provide testimonials for both companies and gives us an opportunity of growth with a minimal of investment, as we are both providing our expert services

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