What’s New for 2012!

With the new year already in progress, many colleagues and clients are going crazy developing new ideas, services, branding and rebranding, as they say, “THE WORKS’!   In my case, before going crazy moving forward, I’ve really done a bit of research to make sure that anything new I do (which I’ve already started with my WordPress site) is really something that fits my business, my personality and my goals.

For some time I’ve been reading about all the new tips and ideas coming out for this year from all angles, small business, entrepreneurs, social media, and more.  Most of them are great, lots of insight, new techniques, organizational skills, but, with lengthy ‘To Do Lists’ which in most cases is overwhelming when you want to manage them.  I’ve decided to create my own “To Do Lists” in small but attainable tasks and divide them in quarters throughout the year.  This will provide the time, learning skills (if necessary), and implementation of any new ideas and tasks I may develop.

With all the new and improved technology available today such as the smartphones, tablets, file sharing in the ‘cloud’, remote communication, enhanced wireless services and hardware more small business owners and entrepreneurs are looking for virtual management options.  This provides the opportunity for my business to continue developing new and enhanced virtual services, creating alliances and teams of experts that will utilize all this avaliable technology to help prospect clients and newcomer Virtual Assistants that want to start their new business in this field.  So here is a glance of what I organize for my first quarter of this year:

1.  My Target Market

As a Virtual Professional, my market is any small business owner or entrepreneur in the development phase of their business.  By identifying more closely where my opportunities may be NOW, I decided to facilitate the online communication by creating my blog and redesign my page where I can receive some input from new sources.  My specialty throughout my professional career, and as a business owner, has been helping to create new things.  While in the corporate world, I was mostly hired as a manager/supervisor to startup a new department, from hiring personnel, developing policies and procedures, buying equipment, training, organizing and building a team of successful professionals.  Later, as a business owner I had to do much of the same, develop my business, organize it and build teams. For any new or even savvy business entrepreneur I can analyze their current business setup and offer a strategic layout to help them become more streamline, virtually managed, more organized so they  reach their goals faster.   So, my best target would be the new business owner, or business entrepreneur considering starting a new business, therefore I need to concentrate in identifying these prospect group.  (January – February timeframe)

2.  How To Reach My Market

Working as a business owner, from home, facilitates lots of online interaction, virtual communications around the globe with clients, colleagues, online trainging and live interaction with your team members.  Nevertheless, one of the best ways to connect is that personal touch, looking at your potential client’s eyes, getting to know your peers and team members personally, although not always possible.  For 2012 I’ve decided to concentrate in live networking events in my area (get out of my office and socialize), and I consider myself extremely lucky for I share my time between Puerto Rico and Florida, which allows me an enourmous advantage to meet new people, different countries, languages, and needs.  With this in mind, I’ve already scheduled several large meeting events between both places where I have exchanged services with some of the sponsors so that I may be part of the event’s main presenters.  With my English and Spanish skills I plan on delivering presentations in both languages that will help me attract a bigger market in both places.  (January – March)

3.  How to Manage this Growth

With all the new and improved approach for this first quarter of 2012 I know I’ll be getting lots of inquiries and requests for proposals for services.  This is a good “stressful” thing to happen to any business owner 😉 , so we need to have a contingent plan to handle all this growth while you are still out there networking and ‘selling’ your services.  My personal plan is to have identified outsource team members that can handle any new client with the same professional and quality standards that you want your business to represent.  When you want to work with someone else, you need to know them, have done work with them and make sure they understand your code of ethics when working with your clients.  This is very important as they will represent your company at all times.  I feel great that I’ve already worked with great people in some projects and we are ready to embrace the growth that will surely be coming this new year.  (January – Febraury)

This is all for this first quarter, as I continue to evolve and develop new goals and resolutions through the year, rather than all at once at the beginning.

Great Success to all,




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