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welcome-backIt’s great to see you visiting us again. About 5 years ago my husband and I embarked on a very special and unique personal voyage to Puerto Rico to care for my parents with cancer at the time. Thanks to my virtual capacity to move anywhere we were able to keep some of my clients and have some income at the time.  As life has it, it was a very intense, enlightening and dedicated period of time where we stood still from enhancing or growing our business. But we are back and ready to move forward and get back on track.

Our business has continued growing and we have added new TEAM members and affiliates to provide all the service skill sets that our clients and prospects need now and/or in the future, as well as new and GREAT services to cater to a larger group of prospects. Times have changed a lot during the last few years and the new and advance technology and communication gadgets have made it almost a given default that most business deals are done VIRTUALLY, from anywhere. New business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as large established corporations, have engaged in the ‘On-the-Go’ business approach and doing business from anywhere. Virtual Offices are booming everywhere as you only need a local physical/postal address and a phone number to get set up and a great Virtual Assistant to handle your day to day and you’re in business.

The world has expanded, if you will, with people moving and relocating to different places away from their home country or city, creating even greater opportunities to develop new business, to engage in new ideas and products, which provides us at Office Assistant 2 Go new and different areas to service a whole new group of  prospects. Currently living in Miami, Florida, we are located in one of the largest growing places in the USA, and are very happy to be available to provide with our services the help newcomers need when relocating, starting a new business, managing their business in their home country, or simply manage a seasonal or special project. With a fully bilingual TEAM, Office Assistant 2 Go is happy to be back in action and ready to tackle anything that is thrown our way.welcomeback


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