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Welcome Back!

It’s great to see you visiting us again. About 5 years ago my husband and I embarked on a very special and unique personal voyage to Puerto Rico to care for my parents with cancer at the time. Thanks to my virtual capacity to move anywhere we were able to keep some of my clients […]

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Some reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

Excellent article to read… outlining some of the best reasons to consider hiring a Virtual Professional to help you with your business. “Hire a VA so you can generate more income”. You can read it following this link:  

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7 Things That Kill Your Productivity

When we work from our home office, or independently as a solopreneur, it’s very difficult to concentrate and strive on the productive side of business or work. Here is an article published on “WorkShifting” that addresses these issues highlighting important things that may affect our concentration and creates distraction, and some interesting tips to follow […]

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