A new year has started and we’ve all had our new or revised list of goals for this coming year, but, maybe as the weeks go by it will be put inside a drawer and totally forgotten, like many times before.  Oftentimes we set ourselves for  a challenging, out of the box, goal that we don’t think we can accomplish or do, yet, it is there on our ‘To Do List” forever.

Last week I read something from a fellow VA that mentioned that you should start this year by doing something new, different, out of the box, challenging and simply dive into it.  JUST DO IT!  Well, I did it!  For some time now I’ve been subscribed to numerous blogs from many Virtual Assistants, professionals in the social media marketing, Real Estate, and many more.  I see these wonderful pages, blogs, and I kept saying…’I need to change my static website to a blog with WordPress.”  Now, that sounds easy, but I don’t know anything about WordPress but the basics that I hear everyone talking about.   Nevertheless, I decided to start this year with the very challenging task, for me.  My friend and colleague, Karmen Olmo, gave me a class to basically walk through the process of creating my page.  During the class, a one on one, I found everything pretty easy to manage, so I felt very positive and good about the project.

I  called my ‘hosting’ provider and cancelled my static web page and signed up for the WordPress blog site.  After the required couple of days for the hosting name to move to the WordPress I proceeded to create my first Plugin – to put my page in ‘Under Construction’ and so I did.  Yeah, this was easy, I was really doing it, Ha!  Well, not quite.  Once I bought a Theme from a provider and started working on it I realized that it was totally complicated and almost impossible to manage.  After consulting with Karmen we realized that was not an adequate Theme to start with as it required some coding to be designed.  A new Theme search and found a couple of free ones that I liked and started over.  Within 2 1/2 days I was able to read all the directions, forums, suggestions available and I finalize my first draft of my WordPress blog/page.

By loving what I do, knowing that I wanted to improve my visibility, my interaction, and connection with my target market, current clients, prospects, colleagues, and more, I kept being very positive and happy about the project although it did give me a hard time, and still need to work on some things to get it to where I want, but I feel accomplished of having done this by myself.  This proves that if you feel in your heart the idea, the goal, the dream, just follow it and open your mind and heart for all things will come to you so that you can really create and accomplish that dream.  There is a lot of help within the reach of everyone for information, guidance, and direction on how the do most things online.  But, in addition to the technical help you will need you also need your family’s support, understanding, and praise when you finally accomplish every little step along the way.  My husband celebrated last night my accomplishment with a special dinner, wine, and lots of pampering for all the time I spent sitting down and working on the computer until late at night.

So here it is and I hope you like it and my next goal on my list to continue providing with more information, inspiration and more through these blogs.  My next ‘out of the box’ task is to start working on videos, so soon you’ll be able to SEE me around.  😉

Best of everything on this new year to all!


One thought on “Success!!!

  1. Hello Marisol,

    Congratulations on your big change! It’s really inspiring and motivating to see fellow VAs take action to reach their big goals.

    I’ve published a blog post today on this topic and I’m a confessed WordPress Addict!

    You can read it here:

    Looking forward to your next posts!

    – Patty

    1. Hi Patty:

      Thanks, it means a lot to me as I am really new with WordPress. I’d done a website page on a GoDaddy template but decided a more interactive approach is the way to go now. I still haven’t manage to get my logo there, but am working on it. Will definitely read your post.
      Thanks again and lots of success to you!

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