Love is in the air… Really?

As the New Year moves on forward, we now await for the LOVE date – Valentines.  So we freely speak about love and go on the frenzy to find the perfect, special, gift to give our loved ones during this time of the year.

I, on the other hand, believe love is an everyday affair and the first person I need to love is ME.  With the hectic lifestyles we are managing, we need to concentrate a little bit in our own wellbeing and start loving every aspect of ourselves, before we share it, and expect to receive it.  As an individual, I have the source of power, love, attraction, skills, and much more to offer to the world.  Love is the most powerful tool that we can really count on to help us move to accomplish goals, to continue looking for the things we want, to maintain the faith that all is going to be good, and to attract all the things that we like.

Here are a few tips to start managing LOVE in a different way:

Love Yourself As I get up every morning and see my reflection in the bathroom mirror (yikes!) I immediately say “today is going to be a great day, and you are beautiful”, and with these words I start my perfect day.  It is not about how you look, how you feel, but how you want your day to be, no matter what.  If you start with a positive attitude and a positive phrase, your day will start good and beautiful because you will attract that towards you.  It is important that you honestly value yourself as an important and wonderful person every moment of your life so that you can then spread that love out to others.  As human beings, we are all imperfect, but somehow that is the beauty of it all, that we are different and with great opportunities every day of improvement and happiness. Love the skin you’re in every day.

Love What you Do – It is hard enough to get up every day for work, but if you do not enjoy or like your job it is a harder task to endure.  In the process of loving ourselves and being positive from the get go of the day, we really need to embrace our work and love it as well.  If we are currently in a position or job that we don’t enjoy much, start thinking of what really moves you and would drive you every day to work with excitement, and start planning how you can slowly but surely get to do it.  Make a plan, start writing and organizing ideas, contact people that can help you so reach your goal of your perfect job or business.  In the meantime, knowing that you are on your way there, feel the happiness of the upcoming opportunities, enjoy your time and work for now with the positive attitude and excitement that you know exactly what you want and you will get there soon.

If you don’t have a job, this is the opportunity to really concentrate on your passion, your ideal job, what you really like to do and go for it.  Don’t create obstacles for reaching this goal by thinking of lack of money, time, and skills, just draft your dream and start working on reaching it.  Always believe that this is not a drawback on your career, but an opportunity to re-invent yourself and your goals.

Love the Present Most people often concentrate their energies in what they had or what they haven’t accomplished without even considering where they are TODAY.  If you really stop to think and look at yourself today, the things you’ve been through and how you have managed to overcome obstacles and be the person you are, it would be overwhelming to just take it in.  We don’t spend time appreciating our life, the things we have around, even if it is very little or you have lost your job, a loved one; you still have many things in your favor.  You are ALIVE, thinking and feeling things that can be converted into LOVE for yourself, for others.  My experience has taught me that no matter how bad or hard your circumstances are, there is something to be learned and opportunities to be developed.  You grow inside to become a better person, feel gratitude and love, and those feelings will definitely attract goods things for you.  Do not dwell in the past, the future cannot be predicted and known, but the PRESENT is the gift you have today, make it important and something to remember.

So, for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, just sit down, appreciate where you are today, look ahead towards your dreams and goals, Love yourself, the people and things that surround you, then relax, ‘smell the roses’ of your life and have  a cup of hot chocolate to celebrate.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL!

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