First Quarter Gone for 2012, where are we so far?

Wow, seems like yesterday we were finishing our list of goals and resolutions for the New Year and we just completed the first and hardest quarter of the year for most people.  The year end closing and tax time, uff!  After many hectic weeks and endless number crunching, reviews, budgeting, re-branding, creating, and never ending flow of ideas for the new year  we finally have a clear view of our performance last year and where we stand so far.  As small business owners and solopreneurs we really need to concentrate in what we set to do at the start of the year and how far we ‘ve gone, what we missed or never got to even touch because we were too busy in the day-to-day activities that we didn’t look at that list we created to guide us through this new year.

Let’s take a ‘break’ from the rush and STOP to go back to that new year’s list.  Let’s review what we initially wanted to accomplish, professionally and personally, and see how far we’ve gone.  If I go back to my initial list, which as I indicated in my blog What’s New for 2012  were just a few to start with, I can honestly say that I’ve accomplished my goals, which becomes an ongoing task list for the rest of the year. That small task or goal list developed into small new opportunities or things I needed to adjust for the future.

Through my interaction with friends, family, associates, and customers, I’ve noticed that many have really worked hard to move towards their goals and resolutions, but life as it is creates the challenges and ‘road-blocks’ that delay or changes our direction.   Here is are some suggestions to get back on track!

The List – Take a new look at that list and really, really review what you wrote.  Many times at the beginning of the year we tend to ‘beat’ ourselves up on the things we should have done different, accomplished, or shouldn’t have done at all and we decide to create this perfect and sometimes impossible to accomplish goal’s and resolution’s list.  We don’t really think about timelines and process to reach these goals, just that we need to get there NOW.  With what you know now, rewrite the list into several small groups of attainable goals (personal and professional) with specific timelines making sure that these are the things that you really want to accomplish and you love to do.

The Goals So you did get to accomplish some of your goals, but it happens that they somehow ‘spun-off’ and subdivided into multiple tasks and goals within itself.  Seems like some of them took a life of their own and now you feel overwhelmed with the accomplishment itself.  For example, you wanted to complete some training that would generate 1 – 2 clients.  It worked but you got 4 new clients with more demands than what you can handle immediately.  Don’t panic, create a separate list of the accomplished goals and subdivide your new requirements and allow the timelines to accomplish them by priority.  This will help you get organized while you continue your growth.

The Timelines Usually when we think about where we want to be and what needs to be done to get there we rarely think of time, just that we need to be there NOW.  Well, as it is time if of the essence in every aspect of life, and as they say ”time waits for no-one”.  I believe that one of the most important aspects of everything we do is to organize our time and allocate the correct amount of it to all our tasks and goals.  With a fair and reasonable allocation of it we will be able to manage our daily life, our quest for our goals with whatever needs to be done to get there, and time for ourselves to really absorb, evaluate, and enjoy what we do, I mean really ENJOY IT!

The Rewards Through our lives we tend to demand from ourselves, our families, our employees/associates, and others, time, hard work, dedication, commitment at all times but very seldom do we stop to thank and reward these efforts.  After decades of working in the ‘corporate world’ with its constant demands and very little time to acknowledge anything  or anyone, I’ve learned that it is absolutely necessary to slow down and ‘smell the roses or the coffee’.  As a solopreneur with my Virtual Business for over 10+ years, I’ve realized that appreciation and reward has provided me with the incentive to continue my work.  My clients, family and friend have given me lots of incentive throughout the years to keep up my good work.  I’ve taken time to celebrate a new contract, a completed project on time for a customer, a successful accomplishment for a customer, a friend or family member.  Patting my own back has become one of my best energy booster every time I complete something difficult, do something new or different that only I know have accomplished, and it feels great.   Take time to boost and motivate other’s accomplishments which will eventually boost their self esteem and performance.

Remember, we need to have goals and dreams for ourselves and our professions, but we need to enjoy the journey getting there.  Hope to meet you sometime along the way.

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