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Marisol Díaz-Sánchez is the Owner and President of Office Assistant 2 Go. Graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin and Office Management, Marisol had an early start as a business owner of a condominium property management company in Puerto Rico in the mid-seventy’s to early ’80′s. She eventually transferred from the privately owned business into the corporate pharmaceutical industry and other international corporations holding positions from executive assistant, international customer service manager, international credit analyst, sales rep, among others in Puerto Rico and the USA.

After experiencing layoffs from company closings and mergers, Marisol researched her options for worked and realized that throughout her working experience she had acquired the knowledge to offer her services independently. Office Assistant 2 Go is a Virtual Professional and Business Solutions Support enterprise created in 2002 to provide small/medium size business owners with a full menu of service and management support without the need to hire full-time personnel or office space requirements.

With over 25+ years of business and managerial experience in the corporate world Marisol has integrated a TEAM of Virtual Professionals that provide expert support in the areas of administrative management, accounting, social and digital marketing/maintenance, event planning, customer service, and training and coaching for new business owners. This provides turn-key virtual business support for any entrepreneur.

With the current economic trend and the growth of new independent business entrepreneurs, and the outsourcing of large corporations, the virtual business professional is in demand offering a global opportunity of growth. Our TEAM of professionals provide the advantage of an international edge with experience in Puerto Rico, USA (home-based in Miami, FL), Latin America and Spain, which not only integrates the business standards, ethnic expertise within the geographical areas, but a fully bilingual group dominating English and Spanish fluently. With an upbeat energy and desire to keep up with the latest in technology we continue to learn and certify ourselves to provide the best innovative trends in the virtual and digital market today.