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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Don’t Fall to the Consumer Revolution, Lead it!

Sharing an excellent post I just read on WorkShifting (from Brian Solis. Brian is a principal at Altimeter Group), which clearly represents our sentiments in today’s business environment. A new vision into how we will do business in the future is a must in order to succeed, retain customers, employees, and collaborators. Enjoy it! Read […]

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What’s New for 2012!

With the new year already in progress, many colleagues and clients are going crazy developing new ideas, services, branding and rebranding, as they say, “THE WORKS’!   In my case, before going crazy moving forward, I’ve really done a bit of research to make sure that anything new I do (which I’ve already started with my WordPress site) […]

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A new year has started and we’ve all had our new or revised list of goals for this coming year, but, maybe as the weeks go by it will be put inside a drawer and totally forgotten, like many times before.  Oftentimes we set ourselves for  a challenging, out of the box, goal that we don’t […]

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